Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Been There, Done That Bride: Casey Bunn

I'll admit it- I get a little giddy when a new Been There, Done That bride comes across my desk. This week, I'm especially delighted to share the story of my friend, and Richmond Twitter Celebster Casey Bunn with RSVPHere.com.

Think that planning a wedding is tough when trying to work at the same time? You haven't heard anything yet.

Take it away Casey...

Why are you a “Been There, Done That” Bride?
I planned my entire wedding while holding down a job and running a company RSVPhere.com in my spare time! We were our own first customers! I was investing all of my money in my business, so opted out of a wedding planner, but boy do I see why brides use them! I planned a destination wedding in Hatteras, North Carolina where family and friends would spend a week together and the wedding would take place on Saturday. Planning a wedding on a budget in another city outside of a job and company is TOUGH! I loved getting married though-it was the best day ever. We got married in the backyard of our house on the water. Our chairs were set up in a circle around our alter so everyone had a good view. We danced our first song to Jack Johnson and broke out into Michael Jackson! Colin threw the garter on a football and we ended the night by jumping into the pool.

What surprised you most about your wedding planning?
Detail detail detail. Who knew there could be so much detail? Any finding which details you handle in Richmond, and which ones to handle in Hatteras was really tough. And then there are things like, what happens when a storm comes the night before and knocks down your bamboo alter? Good thing we had a washer, a grandma, and an uncle who was a builder handy. Many hands make light work. I found that managing the details become a little easier through delegation :).

What caused you the most stress during your wedding planning? How was it handled?
Hmm, probably budget. Where do you splurge and where do you skimp? What matters most to you and what will make your day special? What can you live without, and what must you have? We found ways to save money so we could use it in other places-like having a stock the bar engagement party (where our guests brought top shelf!) so we could have a great bar at little cost to us as well as we hired a friend bartender and paid for his room. We also made our favors wine/martini glasses with homemade wine charms made out of earring hoops so that we doubled up on glasses for the party and favors. But overall, making all of those decisions was the most stressful part.

What could you have absolutely not lived without during the planning?
My mom, my girlfriends and Gregory-my stunt partner from college. They helped make everything that we made handmade- invitations, wine charms, programs, music selection etc- they also helped collect vases that people wanted to get rid of to use- they offered to do my flowers and even came through decorating my cake with fresh flowers the day of the wedding. They were lifesavers.

What would you have done differently?
I would have ordered my flowers from Costco to be delivered a little sooner. They came in on Thursday and were so fresh that the Lilies did not open but for a few by our wedding on Saturday.

If you had one piece of advice to share with our brides, what would it be?
The day only happens once. Soak it in, each minute and say to yourself ok, now I'm doing this, and now I'm doing this in your head etc- take it in one piece at a time so you can remember everything. You can't please everyone or spend a ton of time with every single person at your wedding, so do what makes you happy so that your day it the most special to you and your husband.

Balancing wedding plans with full time work and simply having a life is tough enough, but to combine it with starting your own company? Casey is proof that with the right support system, you too can enjoy planning your Big Day, even if you probably won't get any sleep. :)

Non-sponsored overshare! I heart Casey's web site and recently made the switch over so now all of my Bridal Association meetings run through it. Thanks for giving me back a good three hours of time each month Mrs. Bunn!

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Meghan Ely is one part of the Wedology 101 team, and owner of OFD Consulting, a niche Marketing/PR firm servicing the wedding industry and the Managing Director of the Richmond Bridal Association. She is a contributing writer with Virginia Bride magazine, and has been published in Premier Bride Richmond. She and Jennifer write a Wedology 101 column for the Richmond Times Dispatch's Celebration section. She loves late harvest sauvignon blancs, letterpress anything and cakes shaped like Death Stars.


  1. Way to go, Casey! I also planned a long-distance wedding while juggling a demanding job, so I know it’s tough! And running your own company on top of that without a planner? Wow!

  2. Thank you so much! I hope my story helps and inspires you!! I love weddings and wish I could marry my husband again every year. ;)

  3. Fabulous article! I hope brides read it and take in the fact - we think we can do everything but sometimes we can't. Guess what-- it is okay.. I am with Casey, I wish I could marry my husband again every year......